Pursue your goals with a partner who is “Strategic by Design.”

We’re focused on our clients’ business performance. We provide consulting and integration services to a mix of industries, supporting strategies across the entire information technology lifecycle.

What makes us different is how our team maintains a holistic view of your people, process and technology and the ways in which they interact. Our practical approach combines the benefits of architectural discipline, solid design sense and project delivery excellence. We partner with clients in unique ways to help them build the capabilities they need and sustain them in a cost-effective way.

See what “Strategic by Design” means to you.


Leveraging Technology helps organizations break down barriers to change. We facilitate meaningful and effective collaboration among stakeholders, to more effectively translate strategies into successful initiatives. Ready to prepare your organization to compete and thrive in the new economy? Talk to us for pragmatic solutions.


Is your business trapped by your information technology legacy? Do new initiatives falter because people, processes and technology are not well aligned? Leveraging Technology’s brand of simplification enables flexibility and innovation and with them, new capabilities.


Leveraging Technology digs deep to affect our clients’ bottom lines. Whether your goal is to become easier to do business with, to ensure your information is a trusted asset, or to convert data into business intelligence, Leveraging Technology will get the most value out of your information.


Many organizations struggle to invest in application platform health and have a backlog of work in the way of new opportunities to virtualize, consolidate, and embrace emerging technologies. Leveraging Technology can help you establish reliable and efficient application platforms and position your organization to embrace new efficiencies and deliver true business value.


Leveraging Technology helps clients manage in dynamic business environments. We can enable you to respond to the imperatives of corporate strategy quickly and efficiently to drive competitiveness and transform information into a dynamic strategic asset that supports business performance.

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